Monday, August 27, 2007

Down to Business: Tori Nichel

Tori Nichel, who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, got her designing feet wet working at Dana Buchman and Kenneth Cole. Just last year she launched her own label aptly named “Tori Nichel” and has already named her one of the five designers to watch. Tori Nichel gives us the lowdown on how to make it as a young designer in the fashion industry.

1. You're a Detroit native. One would imagine that there isn't much of a fashion scene in Detroit. Is that a fair assessment?! How can an emerging designer who doesn't live in a fashion capitol begin making a name for themselves?
An emerging designer not based in a fashion mecca has to think outside the box, and then buy a plane ticket! I’m kidding. Ultimately to have longevity and credibility in fashion you must pay your dues in New York, London, Paris or Italy. In order to succeed in fashion you must have passion, drive, discipline and perseverance.

2. You moved to New York and graduated from FIT (Congratulations!). How did you land a job on the design team at Kenneth Cole?
My first friend in New York, Heather, who is still near & dear to me today was already an assistant at Kenneth Cole. She told me there was another opening and I simply applied. At that early stage it is important for young designers to show their potential & drive.

3. Do you think it is necessary for emerging designers to work under an established label before branching out on their own?
Absolutely. Emerging designers have to realize that working under an established designer brings them credibility and validation later in your career. In school you learn the art of fashion, the history of fashion, the craft and technique of fashion. They don’t teach you the business of fashion. You learn that from apprenticing.

4. How did you decide that it was the right time for you to launch your own label? How did you finance the venture?
The timing just felt right in 2006. I had been writing my business plan since 2003. I was meeting the right people, at the right time.

I financed the business with my savings along with one private investor whom is no longer with me but watched me for the past 10 years before investing, and consulting which I continue to do today.

5. Designing obviously comes naturally to you but did you find it hard coping with the business side of the fashion industry? What lessons have you learned?
It was not hard to cope with the business side. I prepared myself well by strategically taking positions that would expose me to the aspects of the business I needed to learn. Even then, the learning process doesn’t start until day 1 of business.

Lessons learned, protect your intellectual properties, always work by referrals, and take it one day at a time.

6. How many employees to you have (if any)? How did you hire the people at your label be them permanent staff or experts such as lawyers, accountants etc.? These people are essential when it comes to running a successful business. What qualities do you look for?
I have myself, 2 interns, an amazing support system which includes family, friends & wonderfully supportive vendors. A lawyer & accountant are very essential, but by referral. I’ve been blessed, I’m surrounded by truly amazing people.

7. The fashion industry is fiercely competitive. Do you think designers, now more than ever, have to strike the balance between being unique and commercial? Is that something you as a designer are cognizant of?
It depends on what the designer’s ultimate goal or mission is that they want to achieve whether it’s necessary to be commercially viable. For me, I’m in the business of selling clothes. The day I started my business my designer role had to be shared with CEO. So for the Tori Nichel brand, it needs to be a sellable product, desirable to women within the market to which we sell. It’s very important to be commercially viable, but designers have to find a way to put their stamp on it. (See pictures from Tori Nichel's Fall 2007 collection below.)

8. Your clothes are impeccably well-tailored and undeniable feminine. What is your design philosophy and inspirations?
Tori Nichel will always be tailored, sexy, chic & polished with a tad 70’s influence. I am part of the inspiration. There is a part of me who designs clothing I want to wear but cannot find in the market. Other inspiration comes from art history, influential women in history, architecture and old family photos.

9. Where do you see "Tori-Nichel" in five years?
Tori Nichel will be on the red carpet in 5 years. Tori Nichel will be a brand recognized internationally and will have added leather goods (i.e. handbags) to the product assortment.

10. Is there anything else that you want to add that you think might be helpful advice for I Like Her Style! readers?
Stay humble, be patient, be disciplined, follow your dream and it will lead you.

Tori Nichel on Fall 2007: "Fall 2007 for the Tori Nichel woman is glamourous. The Tori Nichel girl is out to be seen. Every piece must shine, the colors are luscious, black is back, and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t give you a bit of 70’s. Until Spring/Summer 2008, lots of love & happiness ~tori nichel"

Credit: Photos courtesy of Tori Nichel.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Style Flashback: Dorothy Dandridge

Dorethy Dandridge has many “firsts” under her belt. She was the first African American actress to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category; the first African American to perform at the Las Vegas Fronteir and Waldolf-Astoria; and she was the first African American to appear on the front cover of Life magazine. Her career started in Ohio where she performed with two of her sisters in the group “The Dandridge Sisters.” She eventually went solo when her family moved to LA. Dandridge landed bit roles in movies where she got the chance to showcase her acting and singing skills although all of her early roles were stereotypical. Her singing ability however, brought her popularity in nightclubs around the country. In fact, her singing provided a fallback career when acting roles dried up. In 1957, she starred in “Island in the Sun” which was controversial for its portrayal of an interracial romance, this lead to one of her many acting “dry spells.” She did however receive a Golden Globe nomination for her role alongside Sidney Poitier in “Porgy and Bess.” Despite her many accolades Dandridge suffered many hardships including being sexually abused by her mother’s lesbian partner, declaring bankruptcy, enduring physical abuse from her husband, and facing ongoing racism in Hollywood. Dandridge was found dead in her West Hollywood apartment on September 8, 1965 at the age of 43. Rumor has it she died of an accidental overdose due to depression.

That Extra Half an Inch Indeed…

Victoria Beckham’s book of fashion and style tips, titled “That Extra Half an Inch,” is heading for the U.S. and I’m super excited! Now I know she’s way too skinny, not to mention she scowls too much and takes high maintenance to a whole new level, but I can’t deny how well put together her outfits are. Since I do believe that she dresses herself I’m keen to learn a thing or two from this style diva. The U.S. edition of the book is out now. It's divided into sections such as jeans, tops, dresses and accessories. However, I don’t know if she’ll substitute the English retailers she suggests with American brands. I know this book isn’t groundbreaking but for the fashion junkies out there this is another one to add to the collection… and we all need that extra half inch ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh No They Didn’t!

Yes they did, unfortunately. American Apparel has come under fire for a recent editorial piece in i-D magazine featuring a black model in blackface. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the term “blackface” it originated back in the day when Vaudeville shows were all the rage (1880 – 1930). White entertainers (and later black entertainers) would often paint their faces with black makeup and proceed to caricature black people using hurtful stereotypes. i-D magazine’s latest photo is reminiscent of these images (see here) and have caused many to ask the question “what were they thinking?” You can read the comments left on American Apparel's site here. I for one think this photo was in poor taste. They can claim it's “Art” but what good is art if it hurts a large cross section of the population? And what about the caption? Is she for sale or something? :( What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Love My Beanie!

Cassie appearing at MTV's Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios on November 16, 2006 in New York City.
Kelly Rowland out and about in NYC on July 11, 2007.
Malinda Williams attending the Lionsgate screening of "Pride" on March 19, 2007.
British singer Leona Lewis outside The Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calfornia on August 3rd, 2007.

If your grandma still knits you “clothes” this would be a good time to ask her to make you something you’ll actually wear. These crochet beanies or berets have been around since the beginning of time. The first time I saw one was on my friend who told me she bought hers in Jamaica. Not strictly for winter, these cozy hats finish the ultimate “I just threw this together” look to any outfit.

My Picks!

1. Maude Loves Suss Gold Hat, $196, 2. Crochet Beanie, $10.80, 3. Knit Beanie, $10.80, 4. Wide Ribbed Beret, $24, 5. Grey Chenille Beret, $11.95, 6. Crochet Beret, $24, 7. Deux Pointelle Beret, $24, 8. Marled Beret, $24,

Make like your favorite celebrities and pick one of the hats above and all your bad hair days are over! Alternatively, if you want to add some edge to the perfect fro or long straight hair, pop on your beloved beanie.

Did You Guess Right?!...

Zoe Saldana and Nik Pace at the Hennessy Suite Spot Hosted by Zoe Saldana - November 1, 2006.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess the Style Divas!

I’m not going to be able to post until Wednesday so here a two lovely ladies to keep you guessing. One is a model, the other an actress. I’ll actually try and post the answer before Wednesday! See you soon. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Read My Lips: Berry Delights

Rihanna, Jessica White and Heather Headley show that berry lips can provide retro, modern and classic looks respectively.
1. No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in “Sugar Muave” available at; 2. Almay Ideal Lipcolor Lipstick in “Berry” available at; 3. No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in “Velvet Kiss” available at; 4. Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss in “Delicious” by Rimmel; 5. Color Perfection Lipstick in “Chianti” available at; 6. Lip Tint SPF 15 in “Black Cherry” available at; 7. Iman Luxury Moisturing Lipstick in “Bewitched” available at; 8. Lip-Liner Pencil in “Salsa” by Nars Cosmetics

Plum to berry shades suit all skin tones and add a sensual look to any made-up face. A more subtle statement than red, plum shades are a great way to go if you want to experiment with color. Be sure to use a primer on lips before applying any lip color to condition your lips and help color last longer. Primers are also excellent at preventing lips from drying out and cracking. Try Smashbox’s Lid & Lip Primer, $24 from

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Workwear 101: The Corporate Diva

Jill Marie Jones candid in Los Angeles, April, 2007.
Author/Lawyer/Producer Crystal McCrary Anthony hailing a cab in NYC and Tocarra Jones attending the 1st Annual Pre-BET Awards Party at Boulevard 3 on June 25, 2007 in LA.

The words “Corporate America” and “style” don’t often occupy the same sentence. Don’t let that deflate your spirits, there are plenty of ways to inject your personal style into your business wardrobe. Try not to limit yourself to stuffy, predictable suits and dresses. Pick suits with interesting cuts/shapes (see post below) and opt for block colored separates to pair with pencil skirts and trousers. Also use accessories to express your fashion-forward persona. A bold red bag or pair of shoes does wonders for an outfit and can brighten the most mundane day in the office ;)
Left to right: Cotton Stretch Broadcloth Shirt, $58 and Relaxed Button Front Skirt, $78 both; Relaxed Button Front Skirt, $148 and Contour Jackson Tattersall Trouser, $128 both; Relaxed Stretch Pleated Bodice Dress, $138,; Shirt Blouse, $79, Zara and Tweed Pencil Skirt, $29,
Left to right: Pelle Moda Bobbie Pump, $54.89,; Melchiora, $250,; Sarno, $89,; Joselyn, $24.99,
1. Bayong Wood Earrings, $20,; 2. Red Birkin Bag by Hermes, approx. $1600,; 3. Pointy Pointelle Top, $29.99,; 4. Gold Double Heart Necklace, $22,; 5. Pellemelle Contour Belt, $95,; 6. Southern Belle Pin, $16.20,; 7. Gigi Leather Tote, $658,; 8. Baxter, $49.95,

Introducing AprilMarin…

Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex in the City” in a black Vivienne Westwood pinstripe suit – such a classic.
Left to right: Black Pinstripe Capri Suit, $180; Capri Pencil Dress, $130; Classically Tailored Capri Suit, $185 all available at
AprilMarin’s items can be worn as separates for less formal occasions.

Fed up of suits that fit in all the wrong places? Tired of pencil skirts that aren’t quite the right length? If so, listen up. AprilMarin is the working woman’s savior. This innovative new company custom makes clothes to YOUR specific measurements. The diverse range of measurement options allows you to really personalize each item, or if you are unsure, opt for standard measurements. The initial collection offers three items that serve as timeless staples in any women’s wardrobe. Items range from skirts to dresses to suits with prices between $80 and $200 dollars. Visit and get ready to bust out your measuring tape!
Note: Dress sizes 0 to 22 are accommodated.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Style on the Go…

Nia Long with her son Massai (not pictured) in Beverley Hills on Monday, August 13th, 2007.
Mel B. leaving live taping of Larry King with her lawyer Gloria Allred August 9th, 2007.
Rosario Dawson in Rockefeller Plaza after appearing on NBC's "The Today Show” August 6th, 2007.
Alicia Keys arriving at a special screening of 'The Nanny Diaries' August 13, 2007, at Cinemas 123 in New York City.

Nia Long was spotted yesterday shopping it up at Kitson in L.A. with her son Massai (not pictured). She’s such a natural beauty who looks flawless dressed up or dressed down. Not too sure about the head scarf but we all have those days when our hair isn’t quite as it should be and we just want to run out and get something… I‘m not mad at that.

Melanie Brown of the reignited Spice Girls (I’m not even going to front, I’m excited about the reunion!) has been keeping herself busy by airing out her dirty laundry. While I’m not quite sure where we are with the whole is-he-or-isn’t-he-the-father saga, baby mama drama hasn’t looked this good since…. Well, NEVER! Mel B. is working that dress. No comment on her lawyer Gloria Allred’s outfit. We can’t all be rich and cute. Moving on…

Rosario Dawson made a special appearance at “The Today Show” last week looking relaxed and effortlessly put together. I love the yellow flats paired with the turquoise patterned dress and charcoal wrap. I wish she would do something more interesting with her hair. Rosario has six movies coming out over the next year so we’ll be seeing plenty of her in the future.

Now I’m not feeling Alicia Keys dress and pumps at all but she does look beautiful. Whoever does her hair and make-up is always on point. Gold star to them, but her stylist deserves a beat-down. The cut of this dress is flattering but cheetah print, stockings, and purple pumps don’t belong together. She tries…

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It’s About That Time Again…

Featured designers: Miu Miu (Milan)
Featured designers: Jean Louis Scherrer (Paris); Carolina Herrera (New York); Stephen Burrows (New York)

The 50th Annual Ebony Fashion Fair – the world’s largest traveling fashion show – will be descending in a town near you soon so get your glad rags ready! “Glam Odyssey” is this year’s theme and represents 50 years of fashion. From the fabulous right through to the absolutely outrageous, come celebrate the key moments in fashion, especially African-American fashion. Ticket prices include a one-year subscription to Ebony. Click here to see the tour schedule and here for a full list of designers.

Credit: Photos by Nathan Beckner

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Like Her Style!: Chanel Iman

You’d have to be buried under a rock somewhere to not of heard of emerging model and icon-in-the-making, Chanel Iman. Born Chanel Iman Robinson, this young Californian native was discovered after winning runner up in the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest. Since then it’s been full steam ahead. Iman, who is of African-American/Korean heritage, has walked the runway for prestigious designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Dsquared, Hermès, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior Resort and Jean Paul Gaultier. Not a bad resume for an eighteen year old. And if things weren’t good enough, she recently scored the cover of American Vogue (May 2007) with nine other top models. Iman says:

"I want to go all the way. My goal is to be a household name, and when I do that, I want to help other girls become models, and maybe even launch a fashion line with my mom, like Beyoncé did with her mother. My mom has such a good eye, and it's always been a dream of hers. I'd love to be able to do that for her." [Source]

Watch the clip above of Iman talking about her career highlights.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Black is Back…

Tyra Banks, Iman, Kimora Lee Simmons and Alek Wek are going to grace the cover of Ebony magazine’s September issue, out August 13th. The issue celebrates the influence of Blacks in fashion. The 50 page spread will pay homage to everyone from fashion designers, stylists, models and fashion icons. "A lot of the times the fashion world doesn't give a lot of attention to American Black girls from urban areas," notes Banks on Page 64. "I don't mean to pat my own back, but America's Next Top Model pulled down the curtain to this world that people thought they couldn't be a part of. Now every girl is like, 'I want to be a model.' I feel like the world is more accessible, but by no means is it less prestigious." Tell it sista! Be sure to pick up a copy next Monday.

Jill Scott on the cover of Essence…

While you’re at the store also grab a copy of Essence with Ms. Jill Scott on the cover. I swear this woman keeps getting more and more beautiful with each album. Her third musical offering entitled “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol.3” is slated to hit stores September 25th. Head over to Hidden Beach records to hear a few tracks from the album, also check out her new video here at Juicy News.

Workwear 101: Ladies Who Lunch

Rachel Roy at David Yurman’s 25th Anniversary in a dress of her own design, and a Fendi bag.
Eve arriving at the CBS, Paramount, UPN, Showtime, King World TCA Party at The Wind Tunnel and Mya at the Life Ball 2007 Party at the Shambala.

I’ve been meaning to do this series for a while and I get quite a few emails from people asking me what they should wear to work. Well, it really all depends on where you work and what type of office environment is encouraged. As a general rule of thumb don’t let hemlines go any further than just above your knee; let dresses and suits fit well but not so tight that your uncomfortable and fidget all day; and finally heels are great but if you can’t walk in them give in to kitten heels or flats – they look just as good.

This installment is for those of you who work in more relaxed environments, but you’re still required to make an effort. You have numerous lunch meetings with clients and colleagues and for practical reasons you like to wear outfits that take you easily from the work day to evening. Dresses are perfect for you and though at first glance the above dresses may look too flashy, you can easily throw on a shawl and/or belt to bring the outfit down to earth. See the above ladies for inspiration then get the look below...
Left to right: Woven Floral Dress, $24.80,; Floral Trapeze Dress, $76,; Rose Print Dress by Aquascutum, $560,; Border Print Halter Dress, $29.99,
Left to right: MIA Venice Pump, $28.79,; Loren Wedge Slide, $19.99,; Cuamba, $250,; Stonze, $109.95,
1. Casper Cardi, $59.99,; 2. Chain Bangle, $12.50,; 3. Charm Necklace, $12.50,; 4. Star Embroidered Purse, $16.99,; 5. Charm Earrings, $12.50,; 6. Victoria's Fall Spy Brown Bag, $39,; 7. Prong Bracelet, $19.99,; 8. F9681 Sunglasses, $4.80,

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Street Style: Yetunde, New Jersey

This is a new section brought to you from I Like Her Style! and Pearl Magazine. There are so many fabulous and stylish fashionistas out there this site shouldn’t only be about the celebrities! First up is Yetunde representing New Jersey. She’s shown here on her way to a dinner cruise in New York. She looks absolutely AMAZING! Her outfit is perfection from head-to-toe. Pearl Magazines says:

“Being Brown is so divine! Notice how well her over-sized clutch compliments the dress. Vertical stripes make her look longer -- she's ready! Great Job Hon! You are Pearl!”

See more gorgeous ladies and fashionistas on the go at Tune in next week for the next edition of Street Style and if you have a photo of yourself looking superb that you’d like to share with I Like Her Style! readers, send them in to

Monday, August 6, 2007

Down to Business: Charreah Jackson

Every young, black, female writer I’ve ever met said they would LOVE to work at Essence magazine, so imagine landing a job there straight out of college. That’s what happened to Charreah Jackson who is currently an editorial assistant at Essence. She interned there during the summer before her senior year at Howard University and the internship, unlike most internships nowadays, led to a full-time job. She shares her experiences so far below:

1. How did you land an internship at Essence magazine?
Well, as a senior in high school I decided I wanted to be the editor in chief of Honey Magazine. My heart was broken when the magazine closed but at that point I had found my love for the magazine business and knew it was where I wanted to be. Throughout college I was on my campus newspaper staff and freelanced and interned all I could, and also was the first president of our newly formed magazine group and served throughout my college years. Last summer, with that experience I was accepted in the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) intern program and got placed at my first choice of Essence.

2. What advice would you give someone looking for an internship at a magazine? What kind of skills do editorial staff look for?

Uhm... START NOW! If you want to write you should be writing...NOW! Don’t be intimidated, trust me, you have you what it takes! People always say it but know the magazine before you go in there to interview. Your knowledge, ideas and eagerness can make up for inexperience. Do everything with a smile because people can train you to do things if you have the right attitude and “fit” the environment but they can’t change your attitude. And identify someone doing your dream job and invite them to coffee. Everyone loves flattery. :)

3. Did you write for a school paper or other publication while at Howard or prior to attending university?

Oh yeah. I was on our newspaper in high school and I was too naïve to know how hard it can be in journalism and way too eager so I was a staff writer my freshman year in college, the only freshman on staff. I was fortunate to work my way to managing editor my junior year, the paper’s first full year as a daily newspaper and it was a GREAT experience!!! I also freelanced with Rolling Out, and Upscale Magazine where I had interned after my freshman year.

4. Which department did you work for (during your internship at Essence) and how did you manage to turn your internship into a full-time job? Are you in the same department?

I was in the entertainment department and had the time of my life! After that summer I kept in touch with everyone (one thing I always did as an intern was try and meet everyone in the office not just my supervisor). And by “kept in touch” I mean “stalked with a smile :)”. I met the online editor in one of my office visits when I would come to NY from DC and made sure to stay connected with her as I knew the company was stepping up its web presence. On my last stalker visit in May I learned the online editorial department has a few openings. I know I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time. But you have to do your part to strategically place yourself. :)

5. What is a typical day for you at Essence? Typical day?

Well, I’m on the web so it’s very fast paced. I spend time inputting articles and images onto the site and securing and cropping photos. I am also very fortunate to be able to write and offer my ideas. I also fact check, which is an invaluable which I would advise anybody interested in magazines to become a pro at.

6. Is working at Essence as glamorous as people think?!

Lol. Are the women fabulous? Oh yeah! Sometimes I look around the office and am just amazed by all these beautiful black women. Then it’s back to work. It’s very hard working staff from the top on down. Everyone pulls there weight and then some.

7. Many question Essence's relevance to black women today [Remember that Diddy/Kim Porter cover?!]. Do you think that's a fair assessment?

Are you serious? I think the magazine is needed more than ever. Don Imus didn’t say anything a lot of other people are thinking so it’s so very important that we have a place for us. That’s why it’s so hard to see the Honey’s and Suede’s and Vixen’s close. But when one door closes, right? We got you Sylvia ;)!!!

8. I read once that today's major magazines hire freelancers to write a majority of their articles. In that case, is it more important to be a talented writer or have entrepreneurial instincts?

Most magazines rely mostly on freelancers to write the bigger pieces. It is a plus to write and most importantly recognize good writing. But most editorial staffs consist more of editors so being creative and having great ideas and being able to conceptualize is a great skill. I’m probably biased because I enjoy the editing part even more than writing.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Five years? This answer changes everyday. For the last few months it’s been in South Africa where I spend a few years working in magazines there. Now I’m not so sure. I would love to have a book published by then but we’ll see what God has in store. I’m looking forward to it!

10. Is there anything else that you want to add that you think might be helpful advice for I Like Her Style! readers?

Uhm, I feel so underqualified to be offering advice but I will say take some time to get to know yourself sooner than later. Don’t let others push on you who they think you are. For the longest I thought I wanted to be a lawyer than I realized I’m a writer and love to hear and tell a good story. My industry is very hard work and little pay starting off and I’m loving every second because it’s what I love to do. If you have any other questions you can hit my blog “Queen To Be” or facebook me :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Read My Lips: In the Nude

Tia Mowry, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Hudson enhance their natural lip color with luscious nude products.
1. No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in “Bare” available at; 2. Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Sandelwood Beige” by Revlon; 3. No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in “Spice” available at; 4. Lip Pencil in “BBQ” by Mac Cosmetics; 5. Semi-Matte Lipstick in “Morocco” by Nars Cosemetics; 6. No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in “Nectar” available at; 7. High Shine Lip Color in “Diane” by Stila; 8. Moisturizing Lip Color in “Pretty Penny” by Cover Girl Queen Collection

No matter your shade you can take your natural lip color to a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to try different textures. Lip gloss, lipstick and lip stains all offer their own distinct advantages, experiment to find the best fit for you. Stay tuned for other lip colors, for all skin tones.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

If I Had My Way: Meagan Good

Meagan Good attending the 14th annual American Society of Young Musicians' House of Blues Spring Benefit Concert & Awards Show at the House of Blues on June 13, 2006 in LA.
Meagan’s look is getting a little repetitive, non?

What do you do when a very beautiful lady gets stuck with the same ol’ look? You hold a style intervention that’s what. Meagan think of us as your close (and very style conscious I might add!) friends giving you some good-hearted advice. I’ll start the ball rolling…

If I Had My Way… I’d introduce Meagan to jeans that don’t require four people to help pull them off. There’s such a thing as too tight.
If I Had My Way… I’d hide all her ghetto gold earrings on top of a beehive.
If I Had My Way… I’d cover all her tight, tiny tees with itching powder.
If I Had My Way… I’d sell her flesh colored Marc Jacob’s bag and heels on Ebay.
If I Had My Way… I’d put her in a classic, floaty summer dress that stops just above her knees; cut her hair into long layers; and give some leather flip flops and sunglasses for a laid-back summer look.

What would you do with Ms. Good?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane...

I just finished watching Kimora’s new reality series called "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane." It premieres this Sunday on the Style Network at 8pm EST. The show seems really interesting and her life is indeed fabulous. Though I think Baby Phat clothes are hideous, her team are doing something right since they’ve built an empire worth millions. Watch the full episode here and tell me what you think. Will you be tuning in weekly? Thanks to Juicy News for the heads up ;)
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