Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sign Here: _________.

Rihanna's Cover Girl campaign will begin in Summer, 2007.
Queen Latifah is the face of her own new makeup range, "Queen."
Kerry Washington, Oluchi and Beyonce join forces to head the H.I.P (High Intensity Pigment) campaign for Loreal... Are you worth it?

Earlier this month Cover Girl cosmetics announced Rihanna as their newest spokesperson. This got me thinking about how far the beauty industry has come in regards to recruiting African-Americans to promote their products. Veronica Webb was the first black model to sign a major cosmetic contract with Revlon in 1992 and Liya Kebede followed in 2003 when she won a highly coveted contract with Estee Lauder and became their first black spokes model. In between that time Brandy has worked with Cover Girl and Halle Berry signed a major deal with Revlon. I once wrote a paper that talked briefly about corporations and their efforts to reach the African-American community. I found that while it’s beneficial public relations-wise for them to feature black women in their campaigns, it’s hard to convert that exposure into actual dollars. What do you guys think? Are you swayed by seeing images similar to yourself on the pages of magazines or on the TV screen? For me it’s simple. I go by brand and products. Revlon will always have a hard time getting me to use their foundations no matter how many black women they employ to ‘speak’ on their behalf (I don’t think they even make my skin color?!)

I do believe that hiring African-Americans is a necessity for giant cosmetic companies however, their products need to be developed further. Why only have four dark shades in their line when we come in at least 30 different shades? I am impressed by the range of products Cover Girl and Loreal have produced in their “Queen Collection” and “H.I.P.” lines respectively, but I’m sticking with M.A.C and Nars for the foreseeable future.

In any case, congratulations to Rihanna (Cover Girl), Gabrielle Union (Neutrogena), Queen Latifah and Joy Bryant (Cover Girl), Angela Bassett (Olay), Selena Breed (Lancome), fellow Ugandan Kiara Kabukuru (Cover Girl), Kelly Rowland (Dark & Lovely) and of course Beyonce, Kerry Washington and Oluchi (Loreal), for all scoring contracts. Let us not forget all the ANTM winners like Danielle, Eva the Diva for Cover Girl and Yaya who is currently in an ad campaign for Garnier.

Note: BAP’s: Reality or Myth? Find out here.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Tamia poses at the Kiss FM 98.7 Presents The 2006 Phenomenal Women Celebration at Bridgewater on the South Street Seaport October 30, 2006 in New York City.
Left to right: Carrie V Knit, $59.99,; V Neck Sweater, $14.80,; Extra Long Sleeved Top by C&C California, $107.80,; Skulls Cardigan, $24.80,
Left to right: Lace front sweater, $29.99,; The Waist Tunic, $32.50,; Mix Top, $19.99,; Ribbed V-Neck, $39.50,
Left to right: Nouveau Scoop Knit, $88,; Basic V Neck Jumper, $36,; Stripe-Trim Sweaters, $24.50,; Chloe Cinch V-neck, $29.50,

Whether you’re still rocking skinny jeans this winter or sticking to skirts paired with tights, finish your outfit with the perfect V-neck knit. I love wearing bright colors in the winter, so much so that I’ve ordered the yellow cardigan from Forever 21. I'll wear it with my new jeans from Fornarina and my red beenie hat. Don’t forget the obligatory chunky belt worn around your waist not hips. ;)

Topshop ships to the U.S.!

Fashionistas rejoice! Topshop U.K. is now shipping online orders to the USA (as well as Australia). You can probably guess how excited I am about this but I’m sure many of you are doing the ‘Happy Dance’ as you read this! Visit to start window shopping. Be sure to put your game face on, many items sell-out quickly, especially in ‘The Boutique’ section which showcases many up-and-coming designers.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Have a Great Christmas!

I will post next week, maybe Tuesday. Until then have a wonderful Christmas and thank you all so much for your support this year, looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2007! :)


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do As I Say and As I Do...

I have been meaning to spotlight Malcolm Harris’ clothing line ‘Mal Sirrah’ for the longest time, but then a reader sent me video footage of his latest runway show and I had to give him props. This is a designer with a point-of-view. Harris doesn’t believe in showering celebrities with freebies and easy access to his clothes, which is quite a statement in itself considering he rubs shoulders with the likes of Madonna and Kanye West. These celebrities have the potential to launch his career and send it into orbit, but he chooses instead to use his status to positively influence. You’ll learn more in the video clip below taken from Mal Sirrah’s Spring 2007 collection but suffice to say, Harris recognizes his duty to give back to the global community. While you’re watching, also pay close attention to the detailing of his clothes, frills have never looked so sophisticated. To learn more about Malcolm Harris and his amazing career thus far (from modeling in Paris for YSL and Jean Paul Gaultier to touring with Madonna) visit his personal MySpace page or the official Mal Sirrah site.

Note: Visit Fashion for all the latest fashion news and video footage. It’s a great resource!

Donnella’s Closet…

Forget Victoria’s Secret and head to Donnella’s Closet instead. This online boutique has everything a fashionista needs, from designer handbags to contemporary jewelry. And if you’re having trouble deciding what to buy your man this Christmas, check out their “gifts for him” section. Readers who use the code: “StealDC” for purchases over $75 will receive a 20% discount. Start shopping ASAP!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bag-a-licious (bag-ă-lee-shus) adjective a handbag so hot it could only be called bag-a-licious; the combination of bag and delicious, because some bags are so good, they look delicious.

This is the word according to bag gospel and you can read more testaments like this at It is the place to be if you adore bags and own more than the number of years you’ve been on this earth. The site keeps readers up-to-date on all the latest news and trends, sells handbags via its online boutique and even has a ‘Bagtionary,’ where all the popular terms they use are explained in detail. See the selection of cute bags I picked above, all available at the site. The prices are up there, but if you like to carry something unique, this is where you need to be!

**UPDATE** Readers who purchase anything from from now through January 31, 2007, can use the promo code “Style” to receive a 10% discount! Also be sure to check out their Gift Certificates – the perfect Christmas present ‘idea’ for him ;)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Party Dresses: Plus Size

Left to Right: Charmeuse Faux Wrap Dress, $156,; V-neck Drape Front Bridal Gown, $149.50,; Ruched Surplice Dress, $116,; Asymmetric Geometric Print Halter Dress, $74,
Left to Right: Inlisted Ankle Wrap Pump, $17.99,; Exaura, $39.95,; Glamour Sandal, $34,; Mossimo Heidi Satin Bow Heels, $17.99,

Geesh, I had a hard time finding cute dresses for less than $100. I don’t like putting items on this site that I’m not 100% happy with so here’s the final selection, even though it’s not all that kind on the purse strings. To balance it out, I picked some cute shoes for less than $40 (except one pair!) Payless, Target and Fredericks have great offers right now. Now the white gown is technically a bridal dress, but I would definitely rock it at a formal Christmas dinner. I’m also lovin’ the purple satin dress from… An absolute must-have!

Party Dresses: Plus Size continued…

Left to Right: Silk n Satin Dress, $168,; After Five Cotton Dress by Donna Ricco, $118,; Women's Plus Strapless Dress, $24.50,; Pleated Waist Halter Dress, $99.95,
Left to Right: Rhinestone Ankle Strap Heel, $26.50,; Women's Lucy by Halle Bob, $109.99,; Black Heels with Rhinestones, $26.50,; Karina Satin Pump. $17.99,

The red halter dress from is similar to the one Gabrielle Union wore in the post below. Don’t feel like you have to team it with a red or gold purse, pick another rich color with the same hue. The strapless dress from Old Navy is the perfect LBD for just $24.50. Pair with those shoes for an outfit that costs less than $60! Lastly, the floral dress is for more casual occasions, like Christmas lunch. Wear with a luxurious knit for understated elegance. ;)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Smart Fitzjerrell

Pieces by Smart Fitzjerrell, Spring/Summer 2007
Don’t underestimate the South. As well as taking the music industry by storm (think Atlanta and New Orleans) they now have their sights set on the fashion industry. Case in point? Designer Mary Kathryn Wells, who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, recently shared her debut Spring/Summer 2007 collection in New York City and received great reviews. Her style inspirations include music icons Diana Ross and Debbie Harry, so you can see where the punk undertones fused with conventional shapes come from. I personally adore how her items have just enough quirkiness to make you stand out in a crowd, but they don’t scream for attention. Head to to learn more about “Smart Fitzjerrell” – the name of this inspired new line. Alternatively, you can pay her a visit at her East Village showroom:

Smart Fitzjerrell
229 East 21st Street, Suite 17
New York, NY 10010

Store Inquiries: 646 649 3203

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons on March 5, 2006 in West Hollywood, California.
Gotta love you some Gabby. She’s always so effortlessly stylish and oozes class. Also see this pic of her. I picked this dress, which Gabrielle wore at the Vanity Fair Oscar party earlier this year, because I think chiffon dresses never fail to make you look chic. Pick any bright, rainbow color and clash it with another for the ultimate party look. Warm colors are perfect for the Christmas season, don’t just confine them to summer.

Steal Gabrielle’s Style…

Dress: Tadashi Ruched Silk Chiffon Dress, $288, Nordstorm
Necklace: Antiqued Double Locket Necklace, $12,
Bag: Pleated Turquoise Duipioni Clutch, $56,
Shoes: Worthy, $79.99,

Ever since Amici Accessories started selling on their prices have sky rocketed :( In any case I love this pleated clutch by them. Also be sure to check out All The Rage, they have an abundance of cute jewelry pieces and other accessories.

Note: Also see this purple dress similar to the one Garcelle wore earlier this year.

Best of the Rest…

Left to Right: Knotted Bandeau Pleat Dress, $160,; Gossamar Silk Chiffon Dress, $268,; Babydoll Dress, $59,; Necessary Objects Babydoll Dress, $58, Nordstorm

If fuscia isn’t your color try these equally cute chiffon dresses. I have my eye on the red one from Fredericks, I had no idea they made clothes this cute!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Zoe Kravitz on the cover of Jalouse…

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet were destined to create a beautiful child, and now she’s featured on the cover of French magazine “Jalouse.” As well as modeling, Zoe is also trying her hand at acting. She’ll be starring in two movies next year, one with Catherine Zeta-Jones and the other with Jodie Foster. Don’t they grow up fast?!

Low & Behold…

Above: Payton, $109.99,
Top: Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Heel, $98,; Koko Party Sandal, $12.99,; Katrin, $39.99.
Middle: Lizzie, $34.99,; Fitzwell Lyla, $69.95,; Benjamine, $69.99,
Bottom: Lola, $58.99,; Rentall, $79.95,; Mira by Guess, $79.98,

Christmas office parties and New Year’s Eve abound, many of us are already planning our outfits. But what to do about our poor feet? Few of us posses the agility and skill needed to walk, dance and possibly run (from drunk men armed with mistletoe), all night long. If your feet are already anticipating nights in hell, may I suggest that you take your heels down an inch or two? Long gone are the days when I could wear 3 inch + heels for 6 hours straight. I doubt you could pay me to do that again. These days I seek out cute heels below 2 inches and watch my friends try to gracefully ‘walk’ home at the end of the night. This year don’t play yourself or your feet, see above for the best low heels online.

Note: Now that you have the perfect pair of shoes match them with the right shade of nail polish. Click here for ideas.


Look who added me to their site... Click here. Crystal sent me a very kind email after I featured her on 'I Like Her Style' and now this! Thank you so much. Be sure to check out "My Model Looks Better Than Your Model'' and "Real Life Divas," both produced by Crystal for BET J, on Wednesday and Thursday nights respectively.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Party Dresses: UK Edition

Left to Right: All Over Sequin Dress, £85,; Sequin Bandeau Dress, £50,; Oriental Jacquard Shift, £65,; Shantung Silk Shift Dress, £60,
Left to Right: Lotus T Bar Snake Sandal, £67,; Oversize Back Bow Sandal, £22,; Gracie Peep Toe Court, £44.99,; Tip Top, £40,

All prices in UK currency!

My sister and her friends asked, ok they begged me to do a fashion segment on party dresses available in the U.K. I did my best ladies, although I’m sure you can find better pieces actually in the stores. These however are some of the best finds online. My all time favorite shops in the U.K. were Topshop (of course!), Oasis, Morgan and Mango. And for shoes I loved Faith, Shellys and Ravel. Check out the pink pumps from Shelly’s shoes…. Too cute to be true! I think red and pink are the perfect combination, team this outfit with a gorgeous gold bag.

Party Dresses: UK Edition continued…

Left to Right: Floral Dress by Jovovich Hawk, £420,; Naughty Pleated Waist Dress, £76,; Autograph Double Velvet Stripe Dress, £49.50,; Dotty Dress, £95,
Left to Right: Liase, £60,; Lolita Lattice Sandals. £65,; Radient, £50,; Strappy Slingback Sandal, £35,

Matches department store just launched their online shopping site (, so if you have a money burning your pockets, spend many a happy hour browsing their site. I love the white dress by Marks & Spencer because it works for day and night. Also bow in respect over the black and silver lined dress from French Connection UK. Silver is so in this season, but this puts a great spin on the trend.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cash, Check or Charge?

Cash: Doodle Zip Up Hoody, $24.80,
Check: The White Women's Medina Sweatshirt, $105,
Charge: Fleur Spice Reversible Fur Hoody, over $200,

The infamous hoody from Beyonce’s latest video ‘Irreplaceable,’ is sold out on Since Bey wore it in the video and to a couple of TV appearances the site and stores haven’t been able to keep any in stock. This has prompted opportunistic individuals to sell their brand new, original Dereon Hoodies for up to and above $200! Peep this bid on ebay, already at $260.

One man from Boston tracked the last hoody down to a mall in Akron(?) He is offering any willing volunteer with time on their hands and an appreciation for Beyonce’s fine craftsmanship, to head to the mall, pick up said hoody, and ship it to him in Boston. PRONTO. Of course, volunteers will be fully reimbursed and receive an extra $100 for their efforts!

I have no idea what the original price was, but you can get these other two hoodies from Forever 21 and Karma Loop for much cheaper. Granted they don’t have fur lining the inside, but I think you’ll survive!

Honey Magazine is Back!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of Honey Magazine’s new owners, Suzanne Burge. She asked if I’d be interested in contributing to their site, which re-launched a couple of months ago… I said “Hell Yes!” Now all you fashion addicts can get a double dose of ‘I Like Her Style!’ as I’ll be posting exclusive articles over at Honey weekly as well as continuing this blog. When you get to the homepage click on ‘Get Ahead Guide,’ then click ‘I Like Her Style!.’ Be sure to support Honey magazine’s site and keep your eye out for the actual magazine which is scheduled to re-launch next summer! Congrats to Suzanne and all the Honey staff, I’m honored to join the team! ;)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cape Town…

Nicole Richie Candid taken earlier this year.
Brandy leaving the "Project Runway" Season 3 Finale show, during Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007, in September at The Tent, Bryant Park in NYC.
Jessica Alba arriving at Crown Royal and Tab Energy Drink's Cool Down Post Award Season Party hosted by director Paul Haggis and Ludacris at the Beverly Towers Penthouse earlier this year in LA.
Rachel Roy at Damon Dash’s birthday party with a performance by Alice Smith and Citizen Cope in May of this year in NYC.

Volume is still in this season. Think oversized jackets and coats, puffball skirts and chunky knits. In the spirit of layering, capes provide the ultimate cover-up and offer an edgy alternative to the conventional jacket. If a straight cape is too ‘Superman meets Friar Tuck’ for you, then consider a jacket/cape instead (see Jessica Alba and Rachel Roy). See below for ideas on how to join these cape crusaders!

My Picks!

Left to Right: Twill Cape Jacket, $29.80,; One Button Swing Jacket, $26.50,; Cropped trench-style jacket, $49,; Cropped Twill Cape by Chloe, $2175,
Left to Right: Satin Cape Jacket, $44.80,; Tweed Swing Jacket, $24.50,; Wool Cape Jacket, $44.80,; Double Breasted Cape by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture, $418,

Wearing shorter capes, like the grey one from Forever 21, absolutely requires layering. It isn’t getting any warmer, and as cute as it is, beauty shouldn’t always equal pain. So for a warmer winter, opt for a fuller cape or an actual jacket with voluminous sleeves to create the illusion of a cape. Team with jeans and knee length boots for the perfect look.

What Say We?... Yay or Nay?!

Ciara appearing at Nike's Air Force 1 All-Star 25th Anniversary at Gotham Hall on Sunday in New York City.

Remember when Ciara first landed on the scene? Her fashion sense was questionable and her hair weave busted… Look at her now! I think this outfit is so cute, but I wanted to get your opinion on it. Does it pass the 'Yay or Nay' test or does it scream ‘Fashion Victim’? I’m giving her a YAY; consider it a compliment Ciara, they’re hard to come by!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Style on the Go...

Christina Milian attending the unveiling of Patrick Dougherty's Outdoor Artwork hosted by Max & Lubov Azria and Eva Mendes to benefit Environmental Defense at the Max Azria Boutique last week in LA.
Michelle Williams arriving at Paramount Pictures' premiere of "Dreamgirls" held at the Wilshire Theatre last night in Beverly Hills.
Tatyana Ali at the world premiere of Columbia Pictures' and the AFI Associates' "The Pursuit of Happyness" last week in Culver City, California.
Vanessa Williams arriving at the premiere of "Blood Diamond" held at Grauman's Chinese Theater last week in Hollywood.

Tatyana Ali is currently working on the movie “Nora's Hair Salon II” (did I miss Nora's Hair Salon I?) She looks great in this dress and I think she’s lost a little weight. Tatyana was out supporting her 'big brother’ Will Smith at the premiere of his new movie. It’s good to see her back in the game.

I love Christina Milian’s dress by Max Azria. She was at the unveiling of a large art installation by artist, Patrick Dougherty, outside Max Azria’s LA boutique. She absolutely killed it with that dress and the accessories – A definite YAY!

Michelle Williams hasn’t been on the red carpet for a while, but she’s back with a vengeance. She picked the perfect gown for the event. According to Michelle is due to release her third studio album in 2007. It's rumored to venture away from her previous gospel efforts and take a more commercial Soul/R’n’B route. As much as I like her, I’m not holding my breath. :(

I’m getting used to seeing Vanessa Williams without locs, this hair style really suits her. And can you believe she’s the mother of two children? That body tells a different story. As well as starring in three movies next year, including “Contradictions of the Heart” with Wendy Raquel Robinson and Lisa Raye, she’s apparently working on an music album. Her and Halle Berry need to take a minute and think it about… that’s all I’m sayin’!

Style + Finesse = Stylesse, the funky online boutique that sells handbags and apparel with a vibrant flair. Ms. Stylesse, the designer behind the label, uses retro prints, rare patterns and exuberant colors to create her clutches and bags, each one distinguishing itself from the next. After constant, outside affirmation, Ms. Stylesse left her conventional job in the business world and pursued her long-life dream of working in fashion. She says:

“I was complimented often on the bags that I carried, and friends and strangers couldn’t believe that I made them myself! I knew it was something I had to pursue.”

Visit to become the next lady of ‘stylesse.’

Monday, December 11, 2006

Buy Yourself a Christmas Gift… Or Two ;)

Above: Bella Top by BelleNoelle, $65, Click here.**
Jacket: Oh le pied-de-poule Jacket by Ten Little Fingers $66, (Click here)
Bag: Embroided Floral Purse by Aquiltred Treasure, $13, (Click here)
Earrings: Cute Blossom Earrings by MadameBijoux, $9.50 (Click here) all available at

As if our shopping addiction wasn’t bad enough, a reader/designer (BelleNoelle) was kind enough to tell me about this great site called… Get ready to spend like never before. Think Ebay, without the bidding. Or Amazon, without the books. is the digital version of a fashion market, full of humble designers, selling their hand and homemade pieces at exceptional prices. See my picks in the photos above.

Each seller/designer has an online boutique, but you can jump from one to the other adding things to your shopping cart. The site doesn’t just house clothing and accessories; you can also buy furnishings, stationary and art. Click here to view Etsy’s showroom where sellers pick their favorite pieces by fellow designers on the site.

**UPDATE** Readers who contact BelleNoelle through with this code: "STEALSTYLE" will recieve $10 off any purchase in her shop until January 1, 2007.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Layer Cake…

The Sartorialist is out and about even in the winter months and he captured this young lady dressed fabulously for the season.
Cardigan: Beth, $89.50,; Top: Lurex Sweater Knit Top, $18.50,; Vest: Perfect Fit Tanks, $8.50,; Jeans: Slate Flap Pocket Jean, $44,; Clutch: Python Red Carpet Emmy Clutch, $44.99,; Boots: Leather Knee High Boot, $150,; Bangle: Snakeskin Bangle, $15,; Belt: Faux Snake Skin Belt, $8.80,; Earrings: Antique Silvertone Drop Hoop Earrings with Filigree Beads, $15.99,
Top: Chiffon Floral Top, $15.80,; Turtleneck: Ribbed Turtleneck, $11.80,; Hat: Knit Beret, $10.80,; Belt: Snakeskin Stretch Belt, $30,; Coat: Double Breasted Tweed Trench Coat, $49,; Jeans: Vintage Wash Jean, $34.80,; Necklace: Ladylike Oval Cutout Necklace, $38,; Boots: Holiday Bottie, $39.50,; Earrings: Margaux Faux Pearl and Cubic Zirconia, $7.19,
Cardigan: Oversized Cropped Sweater, $24.99,; Top: Stripe Heart Tube Top, $14.50,; Bag: Modern Loop Gusto Style Shopper, $39,; Skirt: Tweed Skirt, ref 7835/476 by Zara; Shoes: Baby Cakes Skimmer, $49.50,; Earrings: Azure Chandelier Leverback, $12.99,; Scarf: Wrinkled Lurex Scarf, $18.00,

I don’t do cold. Give me high temperatures and stifling humidity over frostbite any day. I really shouldn’t complain though; it’s been pretty mild here in D.C. It started to feel like winter just two weeks ago. To combat the dropping temperatures I’m layering my clothes to create the perfect winter chic look. The trick is to pick lighter fabrics so that you don’t end up feeling (and looking) like a football player. Keep your thickest tops, cardigans and obviously coats, for the outermost layer. And if you can pull it off, throw on some sunglasses… Only a few of us can rock them in the winter without looking retarded! (See photo above).
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